May 23, 2024
2 min
Diego García

MINEO 2024.05: GIT integration, GPT-4o and improved notebook sharing

MINEO 2024.05 has added a new GIT integration, uses GPT-4o for faster response times, improved shared notebooks and optimised system performance.

Packed with new features to streamline your data projects, welcome to MINEO 2024.05.

GIT Integration

With the new GIT integration, users can directly import GIT repositories into MINEO. This feature simplifies the process of managing data app projects by allowing seamless synchronization with existing codebases and version control, directly enhancing project collaboration and efficiency.

Users can now not only clone GIT repositories directly into MINEO but also keep them updated seamlessly. This feature supports both public and private repositories. For private repositories, integration via SSH keys is available, ensuring secure and convenient access.

GPT-4o Integration

MINEO assistant now utilizes GPT-4o as its default AI, significantly boosting the responsiveness of the MINEO assistant. This upgrade ensures that users receive much faster responses, enhancing efficiency and user experience across all data applications.

Enhanced Shared Notebooks

MINEO has improved its shared notebook functionality. View-only users will now encounter fewer editable options, which streamlines collaboration by focusing user interactions on essential elements.

Additionally, more customization options like altering the notebook top bar color are available, allowing for a personalized and more organized workspace.

Other updates

  • 🛠 Editable notebook properties are now accessible through a dockable panel, improving workflow fluidity.
  • ⚙️ Real-time background updates of RAM and CPU usage provide insights during block executions without disrupting the process.
  • 🎨 Projects and user avatars can now feature SVG icons, offering higher quality and customizable visuals.
  • 📢 Execution notifications have been improved for clarity and detail.

Fixes and Optimizations

  • Fixed issues with block content selection.
  • Improved caching policy for static content speeds up load times and improves performance across the platform.
  • Fixed a bug with matplotlib where errors did not appear in standard output.

Happy coding!

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