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Connect people and insights through Python Notebooks.

MINEO is the platform to explore your data, build, deploy and share data apps based on supercharged Python Notebooks powered by Code, No-code & AI.

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Convert Python Notebooks into data apps.

MINEO bridges the gap between data scientists and end users by offering an integrated platform gives access to the Python ecosystem and GPUs that eliminates the need for rewriting data analysis and applications in traditional BI tools like PowerBI, QlikView, or Tableau.

MINEO connects people and insights through Notebooks

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From traditional scientific notebooks to powerful dashboards and data pipelines, MINEO provides a production-ready environment for building and deploying your data apps.

Scientific notebook

Scientific Notebooks

Develop, collaborate and share your existing Jupyter Python 🐍 notebooks on a reproducible and scalable platform.
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Convert Python notebooks into beautiful dashboards powered by Code, No-code & AI.
Data pipelines

Data Pipelines

Automate and streamline your workflows with Python-based data pipelines that leverage the power of python notebooks.

Welcome home Data citizens.

Collaborate, build, deploy, and share. All on the same platform.

Explore data apps built in MINEO

Face Recognition Demo

Dashboard that uses pre-trained facial recognition models to demonstrate the capabilities of local models integrated into dashboards.

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The Weather Notebook

Dashboard using OpenWeather API that show the weather in real time.

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Nasdaq stocks dashboard

Dashboard using yahoo finance data that shows the evolution of nasdaq stock market.

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SEO Analyzer

Dashboard that analyzes the SEO of a website using the pyseoanalyzer Python package.

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Introduction to Scikit-Learn: Machine Learning with Python

An introduction to Machine Learning using the package scikit-learn with python.

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Retail sales forecast

Forecasting of retail sales including treating holidays and anomalies.

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Native connections to many databases and other services

MINEO integrates your data and code with all your databases and services, eliminating data silos and ensuring a seamless experience.

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