April 30, 2024
3 min
Diego García

MINEO 2024.04: Programmatic block visibility, copy paste between notebooks and more

Explore the block visibility enhancements, copy-paste capabilities, and new notebook mode options in MINEO 2024.04.

Programmatic Block Visibility

MINEO introduces a new function: set_visible_block_groups. This allows visibility control for previously hidden blocks. Simply pre-assign a ‘group’ to blocks and use this function to manage their visibility. Blocks not belonging to the specified groups will automatically be hidden.

Copy and Paste Between Notebooks

You can now copy and paste entire blocks between different MINEO tabs. This new feature includes copying styles, dimensions, and widget code, greatly facilitating the movement of widgets with complex configurations from one notebook to another.

Notebook Mode Selection

The display mode of notebooks in MINEO is now a setting within the notebook itself not dependent on the last editor. This prevents users without edit mode from changing the viewing mode, ensuring consistency and control.

Other Improvements

  • HTTP2 Support: Activated to improve loading speed in low bandwidth situations 🚀.
  • Direct Image Display: Images opened from the Explorer are now displayed directly in MINEO without needing to download them 🖼️.
  • Pipelines and Crontabs: Crontab expressions are now visible in the listings 📅.
  • Notebook Import: A pop-up window now assists in selecting a suitable Worker Image when importing a notebook 📝.
  • Execution Block Design: Enhanced for greater clarity and to prevent executions that do not depend on the python context 🛠️.

Happy coding!

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