March 26, 2024
7 min
Diego García

MINEO 2024.03: Widget upload, faster notebooks and more

New widget upload, faster worker assignment, enhanced Mineo Assistant and widget form and many more.

In our ongoing effort to refine and enhance the MINEO experience, we're excited to bring you a series of updates designed to make your workflow smoother, faster and more intuitive.

Let's dive into the key highlights of this latest release:

New Upload Widget

We introduce a new file upload widget that not only simplifies file uploading to your data apps, but also offers customizable styles.

This widget allows you to restrict the types of files that can be uploaded, providing a more secure and customized experience in case you want to allow your users to add their content.

Faster startup of notebooks

We've shaved an average of 2-3 seconds off session startup times thanks to our improved Docker image caching and some optimizations. Our internal metrics have also been improved to better track and further improve the efficiency of worker allocation.

Improved Widget Form

We have introduced several features to expand the capabilities of the Widget Form:

  • Enhanced Widgets: We've expanded our widget arsenal to include Input, TextArea, Autocomplete, Slider, and Radio widgets.
  • Global configuration: The Form widget now supports global configuration for colors and text, making it easier to maintain consistency across your projects.
  • Default Skeleton and Layout Enhancements: The default skeleton has been enhanced for a more polished look, and layout configurations and styles can now be applied globally.
  • Enhanced input handling: Support for dictionaries as input variables has been introduced, along with formatting options for selector values and typography in labels.

MINEO Assistant Updates

  • New Action Buttons: You can now request actions on the current code block directly from the assistant, streamlining your coding experience
  • GPT-4 Model Upgrade: The assistant now runs on an updated GPT-4 model, ensuring more accurate and responsive interactions.

Other enhancements

  • Widget Query: Now supports changing the default number of preview rows in the query editor.
  • Notebooks in Scientific Mode: Added options to move a block to the very top or very bottom.
  • General UI improvements: Block selection and options panel have been refined for a less obtrusive and more intuitive interface.
  • Title Widget: Now accepts HTML code, providing greater formatting flexibility.
  • Image handling: Opening images from Explorer now displays them directly in MINEO without downloading.
  • Pipeline visibility: Pipelines with associated crontab expressions are now visible in listings.
  • Notebook import: A popup now helps to select a worker image when importing a notebook with an invalid or unavailable worker image.
  • Execution block design: The execution block design has been improved for clarity.
  • Widget Navigation: Changing widgets now preserves expanded sections, making navigation between sections smoother and convenient.
  • Block configuration: Information configured for a block is now always visible, improving usability.

We believe these updates will greatly enhance your MINEO experience, making it more efficient, customizable and user-friendly. We encourage you to explore these new features and enhancements to see how they can improve your projects.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. Dive into the latest version of MINEO and let us know what you think!

Happy coding!

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