February 26, 2024
3 min
Diego García

MINEO 2024.02

The February update of MINEO introduces an improved Widget Form, Clone Style Wand, enhanced MINEO Assistant and several interesting features.

MINEO 2024.02 is here and it's packed with features:

Enhanced Widget Form

This version significantly extends and improves the widget form. This widget allows developers to easily create selectors from context variables instead of being available only to data sources.

This widget simplifies the process of collecting user input, improving the user interface and interaction within your applications.

The selectors supported for this release are

  • Single dropdown
  • Multidropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Switch
  • Date Picker
  • Date Range Picker

We are working very hard to expand this catalog so expect a big update in the next release.

Clone Style Wand‍

Styling your application has never been easier with the Clone Style Wand. Select a block and instantly clone its style to other blocks. This feature saves time and ensures consistency throughout the design of your application.‍

MINEO Assistant Enhancements

MINEO Assistant now supports editing of previous messages. This enhancement makes the wizard more agile, allowing for faster iterations and adjustments during development.

You can edit your prompt to refine it.

You can also retry the question to get a different answer.

Other notable updates

  • Conditional rules for lists: The Table widget now supports conditional rules on value lists, providing more flexibility in data presentation and interaction.
  • Notebook Sharing Window: Improvements to the notebook sharing window include grouping all related options, making sharing more intuitive and organized.
  • Modern Default Style: New projects now benefit from an improved default look and feel that adopts a more modern and appealing style.
  • Synchronized File Explorer: The File Explorer view embedded in Notebooks now automatically updates with new files, ensuring your resources are always up to date.

That's all for February, look for major updates in the next release.

Happy coding!

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