December 22, 2023
3 min
Diego García

MINEO 2023.12: Enhanced Assistant, Dynamic Scaling, and More!

Explore the exciting new features of MINEO 2023.12, including an enhanced MINEO Assistant with GPT-4, dynamic scaling for enterprise users, and advanced hierarchical configuration for streamlined data app management.

Happy December, MINEO Community!

We're excited to announce the latest update, MINEO 2023.12, packed with exciting new features and enhancements. This update focuses on improving productivity, performance, and personalization in your data science journey.

Let's dive into the key highlights!

MINEO Assistant 2.0

Our MINEO Assistant is now more powerful than ever. With GPT-4 integration, it provides more insightful answers and a better understanding of context. What's more, you can now create new notebooks directly from the Assistant, further streamlining your workflow.

Dynamic scaling

We've introduced pre-provisioned workers that dramatically improve the performance of data applications, especially those with multiple notebooks. This update ensures a smoother and more responsive experience that keeps pace with your complex data analysis tasks.

Hierarchical configuration

Configuring your data applications is now easier and more intuitive. Our enhanced hierarchical configuration system allows detailed settings at the project, notebook, and block levels, giving you more control and simplicity when managing your data applications.

All configurations can be set at different levels: Project, Notebook and Block

Archive Projects

Organization administrators can now archive projects. This new feature helps declutter the workspace and better organize project portfolios.

Other notable features:

📈 Widget table enhancements:

  • Programmatically reset column filters for more control.
  • Apply flexible formatting rules to multiple columns based on single conditions.
  • Experience enhanced events for more interactive data presentation.

📦 Worker images:

  • Ability to cancel builds, adding flexibility to your development process.
  • Access a history of previous Docker files, making it easier to track and roll back changes.

🎨 User experience and design:

  • Persistent focus when changing block properties, improving usability.
  • Interpolation of context variables into the info panel for dynamic content display.
  • A range of new fonts and the ability to embed CSS styles directly into notebooks.
  • Updated favicon for a refreshed look when assigning a worker.

⚙️ Performance optimization:

  • We've significantly reduced MINEO's footprint, resulting in faster load times and a more responsive user experience.

Final Thoughts

MINEO 2023.12 is all about making your data app development journey more efficient, personalized, and enjoyable. We're committed to continuous improvement and look forward to your feedback on these new features.

Happy coding!

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