October 18, 2023
3 min
Diego García

MINEO 2023.10: Custom Worker Images

Unveiling Custom Worker Images in MINEO Version 2023.10: Simplify package management and enhance reproducibility with easy-to-build Docker images, directly within MINEO.

In our ongoing efforts to improve user experience and enhance the functionality of MINEO, we're excited to announce the introduction of the Custom Worker Images feature in MINEO version 2023.10. This update streamlines the custom package management process, promoting reproducibility and greater efficiency in your notebooks and pipelines.

Custom Worker Images make managing dependencies and ensuring the reproducibility of your data applications simpler. This marks a new era of ease when it comes to these tasks. They not only help add custom packages but also enable more responsive notebooks thanks to start your environment with prebuilt docker images.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can create a custom worker image on MINEO:

1. Create a New Worker Image or Import Existing Dockerfile:

Kickstart the process by either creating a new worker image or importing an already existing Dockerfile into MINEO (just drag and drop the file over the file explorer).

2. Write your Dockerfile

Commence with a public docker image containing Python (between 3.8 and 3.11), or start with a predefined MINEO base image.

Write your Dockerfile according to the specifications needed for your project. You can use as well files stores in the MINEO filesystem too (for instance, to make a pip install -r requirements.txt).

3. Build the Image

With the Dockerfile ready, initiate the build process directly on MINEO. After pressing the build button you will see a log file with the build process. Depending on your packages this will take some time. If the build ends with the Sucess stage a tag will be automatically created and available for this project.

4. Assign the Built Image

Once you have a tag, just assign to the whole project, your desired notebooks or piplines.

Our commitment to improving the user experience and delivering reliable data environments is reflected in this upgrade. The inclusion of custom worker images makes the MINEO platform an even stronger resource for creating, sharing, and deploying data applications.

Explore the improved flexibility and streamlined workflow of MINEO version 2023.10 by utilizing Custom Worker Images, and take your data apps development to a higher level.

Happy coding!

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