September 18, 2023
4 min
Diego García

MINEO 2023.09: Conversational Assistant, Enhanced Widgets, and More!

Dive into the latest features of MINEO's 2023.09 release. From a revamped assistant to dynamic widget enhancements, we're pushing the boundaries of data app development over python notebooks.

Greetings MINEO users,

As we step into the latter part of 2023, we are thrilled to introduce the latest iteration of our SaaS platform, MINEO 2023.09. This update brings a suite of enhancements aimed at optimizing your experience in building data apps over Python notebooks.

Let’s delve into the new features that are set to redefine how you interact with the MINEO platform.

Better MINEO Assistant

MINEO assistant has been improved and now facilitates a more intuitive and conversational approach to aid you in your development process. The enhanced support to identify output formats ensures that you can seamlessly integrate various data representations, fostering a smoother workflow and reducing the time spent on formatting issues.

Now MINEO Assistant interacts with you in an active conversation

Support to include information in blocks

Every piece of data tells a story, and sometimes, the story requires a little more depth. Recognizing this, we've introduced the ability to add supplementary information to every block. Here you can add any kind of detail to the block and it will be visible by every user.

You can add custom information for every block. This is ideal to add metadata and explanations to final users.

Other improvements

  • Widget charts now supports animations: Data just got a lot more vibrant with the introduction of support for animations in widget graphics.
  • Widget Table, Support to Clone Rows: we have introduced the ability to clone rows in the widget table. This feature promises to simplify the data duplication process, thereby facilitating quicker data manipulation and organization.
  • Easier Block Title Edition: To streamline your user experience further, we have simplified the block title editing process. Now you can edit the title directly over it.
  • Support for Shadows in Blocks: Adding a new dimension to your blocks, the latest version supports shadows, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic to your data apps.

As we unveil MINEO 2023.09, we are confident that these updates will significantly enhance your data app development journey, offering a more intuitive, dynamic, and enriched user experience.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy coding!

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