August 1, 2023
3 min
Diego García

MINEO 2023.08: Enhancements in Dashboard, Scientific Mode, UX, and many more!

MINEO’s latest update brings a series of useful enhancements. With a focus on improving the usability, we've upgraded the dashboard, scientific mode, and UX features.

We are pleased to announce the latest update for MINEO version 2023.08. This release comes with significant enhancements across multiple fronts, all aimed to further improve your experience.

Dashboard Mode Enhancements

We've improved the dashboard mode with a more configurable layout. You can now adjust the block margin size, providing better control over how your work is presented. Additionally, the new free layout option allows for a more flexible and personalized interface.

Free layout allows you to position elements even in overlapping layers.

Upgrades in the Scientific Mode

In the scientific mode, we've implemented a new feature that ensures hiding blocks in the Dashboard mode will not affect your view here. Plus, we're giving you more space with the support to configure extra wide in the layout.

UX Improvements

On the UX front, we've added support for contextual menus accessible via secondary click.

You can use the secondary mouse button to open additional options in blocks.

Furthermore, we're giving you the flexibility to configure the environment of the worker (CPU/GPU) per notebook.

You can configure the use of CPU/GPU in each individual notebook, instead of a setting for the whole project as in previous versions.

Graphic Widget Updates

We've broadened our graphics capabilities by adding support for double axes graphics and annotations. You can now add pointers, text, regions, and lines over your graphic. You can also define the backgrounds as a gradient, and adjust the line width and smoothness for a more personalized visualization.

Examples of graphs with dual axes, gradients, and annotations.

Widget Events

This update introduces events to widgets, allowing them to capture user input in a richer way and provide a more interactive experience.

You can now declare and subscribe to events in most widgets.


  • Our backend has been optimized for faster performance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience on the whole platform.
  • We've also added the MonthDateRange picker in selectors for improved date range selections.
  • We've enhanced the output processing of python blocks, specially in complex commands like !pip install.
  • Now you can import notebooks directly from external URLs and Github.
  • Widget Table now supports row banding.


Don't forget to check out our new examples and use cases on the MINEO showcase:

Face Recognition Demo: Dashboard that uses pre-trained facial recognition models to demonstrate the capabilities of local models integrated into dashboards.

Thank you for choosing and trusting MINEO as your Python notebooks platform. We look forward to continuing to serve you with our regular updates and improvements. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we encourage you to share your thoughts on the latest version.

Happy coding!

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