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Develop and run your python 🐍 notebooks in a scalable platform powered by no code components
Data Observability
Establish processes to measure and track the quality of your data over the time using Machine learning 🤖
Explore your data in a simple way in their original datasources


Take python notebooks to the next level sharing them as live documents and Dashboards thanks to the Widgets and live data sources.

Main features:

  • SQL Data sources
  • No code Widgets (Graphics, Tables, KPIs, Title, Images, and Forms)
  • Install your own python packages and use prebuilt docker images.
  • Native access with the Mineo FileSystem
  • Integrated version control
  • Export to PDF
  • Pipelines (Run your notebook asynchronously)
  • Python profiler
  • Integrated filesystem to storage your data up to 10TB
  • Fine grain permissions (ACL)

Data Observability

Establish processes to measure and track the quality of your data over the time using Machine learning 🤖

Supported data trackers:

  • Expected rows (forecast) vs actual
  • Schema changes
  • Distribution of data
  • Asserts (based on SQL)
  • Calculated variables (forecast and custom ranges)


Explore your data sources into an interactive way without spending dev time.

  • Interactive query editor based on drag & drop components
  • Support for integrated SQL functions
  • Export results to CSV & SQL

Data ops made for you

Production grade Notebooks
Build richful python notebooks oriented to deploy in production dashboards using widgets and live data sources.
Data observability
Measure and track the quality of your data using Machine Learning or Custom Business Rules.
Mineo Workbench provides a simple way to build SQL queries and analyzing your data without the dev time.
Data sources
Connect Mineo to standard data sources just having the credentials.
Create & schedule pipelines
Run python notebooks with your desired frequency or combine several to make pipelines
Manage your organization
Manage all your organization with fined grained permissions (ACL) in one platform.

Native connections with many databases and other services

We integrate all your databases, eliminating data silos and ensuring a seamless experience.

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