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A better Python Notebook

Mineo takes Python notebooks to the next level by adding production-grade features such as:

  • Switchable layout modes: Notebook, Dashboard and Mobile.
  • No code Widgets (SQL Query, Graphics, Tables, KPIs, Title, Images and Forms) to explore and interact with your content without programming.
  • First class editor, with auto indent, code completition, command palette and variable inspector.
  • Integrated SQL Data sources to access databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, AWS RedShift, Clickhouse, ...) and files (CSV) directly in streaming.
  • Compatible with Jupyter notebooks. Import your existing notebooks from .ipynb or export from mineo to other apps.
  • Built-in version control system.
  • Ability to share and work collaboratively thanks to Comments and Tasks.
  • Integrated filesystem to store your data up to 10TB.
  • Ability to export your notebook to PDF.
  • Support for project wide variables.
  • Support for Python blocks, Markdown, LaTeX and Widgets.
  • Detailed logs and permissions (view, view code, execute) at user/group level. Perfect for delivering results with notebooks.
  • Automatic code generation 🤖 powered by OpenAI.
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Start coding right now

Skip the installation of large installation environments on your computer like anaconda and get straight to the content in a reproducible environment that works even in mobile devices.

  • Notebooks in your browser. Run your notebooks directly on our scalable SaaS platform that scales with your demands. From small environments to large requirements of RAM, CPU or GPUs.
  • Use pre-built Docker images to ensure you have the exactly environment you want.
  • Mineo provides a Linux-based environment for installing packages directly on your notebook using standard tools such as apt, pip or git.
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Integrated FileSystem

A widely available file system of up to 10TB to store all your content without the need for third-party services.

  • Common actions such as Copy, Move, Rename, Clone... supported
  • Ability to export folders and contents to ZIP and vice versa.
  • File editor for text files (Text, Markdown, CSV, Python)
  • End-user friendly access with customisable icons and views.
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Your class, your rules

Manage your class without the stress of controlling what they can see and do.

  • Ability to set file level permissions (view, edit, create).
  • Control and view access to your content with detailed logs and statistics.
  • Bulk actions for creating content and assigning permissions.
  • Project templates to easily initialize projects with predefined permissions.
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Mineo in action for Education


Data ops made for you

Supercharged Notebooks
Build and deploy supercharged Python notebooks powered by no-code widgets.
Data Pipelines
Run python notebooks with your desired frequency or combine multiple notebooks to create pipelines.
Data observability
Measure and track the quality of your data using machine learning 🤖 and custom business rules.
Mineo Workbench provides an easy way to build SQL queries and analyse your data without any development time.
Data sources
Connect Mineo to standard data sources using just the credentials.
Manage your organization
Manage your entire organisation with fine-grained permissions (ACL) in one platform.
Reproducible environments
Run your notebooks in a containerised environment with support for the installation of any package you like.
Integrated FileSystem
Organise your data and files with a full-featured file system.
Scalable platform
Dynamic scaling of your resources, providing workers for any size, including GPUs.
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